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Today kids need there Mothers & Fathers to be more involved in their lifes today rather the parents are together or not because it is known at least 50+ percent of kids come up having problems in the early childhood stage, school, drugs, and stay in lots of trouble with the law and sometimes never grow out of unhealthy behavior and addictions.


We talked about real life situations such as people using the system, people not wanting to work, people letting others use them, etc, email us what you think about what we are talked about at "" we are always open for questions, suggestions and ideas talk to you soon.

Today Bullying has become a very BIG PROBLEM all around the world and we need to discuss all the different types of Bully’s and tell you some of the signs and what to look for from someone that might be getting Bullied or give you signs of someone who is doing the Bullying. You Don't Want to miss this show, make sure you call in and give us your opinion on what you think or tell us your story so we can help you.

Special "Stop Bullying People / Why Do People Bully Others?"

What's Wrong With Y'all?

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Fatherless & Motherless Children